Taoist Life Philosophy

Nature inspires in its simplicity and perfection. Whether complicated or simple is only capable of assessment once you think about it. So many things are self explaining in the cycle of life, from which we can learn by conscious attention.

It is surprising that our understanding often is in need of words, but many important things will be learned without it. These “teachings without words” in life are important in their own issue, because they are personally related without external and subjective factors.

Taoists learn from nature and their environment in which we live together. Like water, which takes all forms in places where it is, Taoists live without conflict with their environment and themselves. With the simplicity of nature Taoists inspire the wordless teaching by their actions.
The bond between heaven and earth is an important model in Taoism – it symbolizes a durable and everlasting coexisting connection, as well as in the Wudang Kungfu, the physical and mental movements are performed with emotional intuition and are thus connected with the laws of nature.

Through determination and willpower, with balancing tolerance and wisdom the Wudang Sanfeng Taoists go their way. Thus, the posture is stable, powerful and directly connected to the earth, but the spirit and the movement weightless and free as the sky. By maintaining the inner balance one becomes aware of the elements and the personal relationship. From Yin follows Yang and vice versa, each connection has a contrast and it is important to understand about this to maintain the balance and lead a healthy life.

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