Taoist Healing Arts

By the Taoist origin of Wudang Kung Fu the focus is particularly high on life support exercises.

According to the principles of the Bagua Wudang Taoists tried to keep away from extreme opposites by compensation. They learned to understand to live a balanced and healthy life. Immortality was not reached by this, but mental and physical balance is also the meaning of life and so the way of the Tao becomes clearer to understand. Since everyone is unique and has his own connection to the Tao, one’s self is important as a model. There is no universal formula or policy, to adapt the Taoists. While there are forms that have the same sequences, but the implementation, intuition and adaptation is individual.

Thus, the application of the Taoist healing arts is only effective if the intuition and identification fits with the self. Everything before is therapeutic exercise and has nothing to do with the intrinsic values of WudangKung Fu. Self-knowledge is the way to Wudang Kung Fu and the way to your own development. It may be seen from the surface as a bit selfish, but real changes always take place in yourself. Development is always based on yourself and at best inspire the others.

Till there can be spoken about healing, we must understand and analyze ourselves. Each Taoist is his own doctor, we observe our emotional, mental and physical state. This knowledge cannot be learned quickly but requires its own experience and self-reflection. There is no quick way or a universal formula to memorize, also it is advised to avoid persons who assert exactly that. The right approach and exercises to real Taoist healing practice you can learn with Michael Weichhardt, from this knowledge you easily find your own way. The healing aspect of Wudang Kung Fu is not very beginner-friendly and requires some basic knowledge, both mentally and physically.

Wudang Kung Fu acts as preventive cure against the following:

Stress, anxiety, aggression, agitation, depression, negative self-awareness.
Joint and muscle pain, muscle cramps, weak bones, spinal complaints, back and shoulder tension.
Cardiac arrhythmia, renal malfunction, fatigue, memory and concentration problems, weakness, dizziness, circulatory problems and poor blood pressure.

If you already have serious health problems, please seek medical attention from a proper doctor. WudangKung Fu is like TCM, best as a preventative cure.

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