The Power of Wudang Tai Yi

Wudang is famous for its soft characteristics in martial arts. This “soft” principles originate from Wudang Tai Chi, however the true essence of Wudang Tai Chi is the way of energy transformation. As the movement comes from the energy center (Dantian) the “soft” can transport energy and enhance the intentional movements. This usage of energy is called “Tai Yi” or “Liang Yi” and can be viewed as an practical understanding of Tai Chi.

How to use power in Wudang Tai Yi?

When intention comes from patience and movement from stillness the “softness” will be the amplifier to ultimate action. Understanding Tai Yi can lead to inhuman and lighting fast movements, it is not the way of ultimate fighting but the way of maximum energy transformation. The way of Wudang is about coming second but reaching first.

The Seven Stages Breathing Technique:

When controlling the two powers (Yin and Yang) the actual way during the movement should not be instant but should have time to be properly controlled instead. Controlling Tai Yi is depending on the “Seven Steps/Stages Qi Gong Breathing Technique”. Breathing in seven stages during the movement will give your Dantian the necessary time to make a movement powerful. Wudang Masters can use this Qi Gong technique to adapt their Tai Yi to any movement or position.

Wudang Kung Fu is learned during a long training process on a physical and mental level. Tai Yi can be considered as practical pinnacle of energy transformation and takes a proper master and a lot of time to learn.

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