How Tai Chi Saved My Life


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After a double knee replacement I fell and severed 3 quadriceps on both legs, this went unnoticed for 4 years, then 2 x 5hr attempted and failed rebuilds.  My right leg became infected and I had another knee replacement with an antibiotic spacer and 3 months of intravenous antibiotics. Two years afterwards, that leg became infected again (I had been fighting the infection for the whole 2 years)  leading to 5 more surgeries including removal of the knee, another antibiotic spacer and eventually an arthrodesis (fusing the leg straight with an iron bar through the middle) and another 3 months on intravenous antibiotics. For a prolonged period it was ‘touch and go’ as to whether I would survive and a cocktail of strong painkillers and 5 strong antibiotics often took me to the brink of both pain and madness.

All through this time my Tai Chi never left me. I…

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