Integrating Tai Chi in Chinese Boxing (Sanda)

The Practical Use of the Taoist Principles

Through Tai Chi we are aware of Yin and Yang, the coordination, our intuition and many more aspects to harmonize with our mind and body as much as possible. Often the aspect of fighting is ignored or adapted in a wrong way. Tai Chi is after all also an art for fighting which does not mean that the physical technique must be adapted or optimized for practical use. If we understand the essence of the internal movement we can control ourselves accordingly to any situation. Instead of adapting the outer movement we should understand the internal purpose.

The internal purpose describes the effect of the movement, the physical outcome can be changed in any effective way. The open-minded view of Tai Chi should also be inherited in practical use.

Learning to fight with Tai Chi:

Try to optimize the way of power into each movement by using your feet and hip properly. “Rooting to earth” is important for generating power from a static position.

Watch your own body movement and find out how your Yin and Yang structure works. Where is “power“? Where is “empty” (powerless)? There is always a supporting element in your movement from where the “power” and “empty” comes from. Your body and mind works together in Tai Chi and every movement is connected. Do not overthink, most movements must come in a natural way.

Chinese Boxing and the Tai Chi Principles

Chinese Boxing in Wudang is known as a very fast and explosive sport. By understanding the way of energy (Yin and Yang) it is possible to become faster by optimizing your movement. Doing that can reduce the stress and oxygen consumption of your body.

Never forget your slow breathing technique in Tai Chi. Actually the word “slow” should be replaced with “deep” because it does not mean to use less oxygen. Through the Tai Chi deep breathing technique we can enable our heart to use more blood for each heartbeat which results to a reduced stress level in our circular blood system and optimizes the performance of our internal organs.

Transport power to your punch and kicks through the relaxation of the joints. By practicing Tai Chi we do understand that “power” wanders a way from the energy center (Dantian) to the widest point of intended power. While the “empty” in a relaxed condition is supported by the source of the “rooting” it is able to flow freely.

Read more about relaxation in Tai Chi…

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