Cultivating the Body

Taoist body cultivation is an important part in leading a long and healthy life. The main principle is to stabilize the physical body through lifestyle and frequent exercise.

Flexible Power!

When the body is very strong and powerful, it tends to be stiff and hard. The inner circulation system cannot run as smooth and easily as it should. Relaxing is also a lot harder with a hard body. In Wudang there are special stretching exercises to get rid of these blockades. Having a muscular body and remain as hard as a brick is considered “untrained” in Wudang. The optimal condition is to be flexible and strong like bamboo, it cannot break and is everlasting.

Connect your body

Like a computer you may not use all the ports and channels your hardware may provide. Our body has a lot more stress when we ignore most of these channels. In Taoism there are three main connections which are important for your life.

  • Connect your mind and heart to prevent confusion and overthinking. Your subconsciousness is the main focus.
  • Get rid of body blockades by stabilizing the blood circulation through stretching exercises. Especially shoulder and hips have very narrow channels when untrained, this can result in regional pain if it is ignored for long time.
  • Monitor your emotional state and try to stabilize a positive feeling. Easier said then done, but being happy is an important part in our life. Understanding emotional differences results in spiritual control. Emotions will effect the function of your inner organs and so also your inner balance.

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