Learn Wudang Xuan Gong Quan Online

We hereby announce that the tutorial series of Xuan Gong Quan Part 1 is now complete.

Xuan Gong Quan is a basic form for all Wudang beginners. Xuan Gong Quan includes principles of energy transformation from Tai Chi and basic exercises from Tai Yi and Qi Gong. Xuan Gong Quan is seperated in three forms, for now we completed the first form and the other two will come soon!

The next form will be Tai Chi 13. We received many requests regarding this and we will continue Xuan Gong Quan after the Tai Chi 13 is complete.

You can learn the teachings of Wudang in our Online School for only 8USD / month. With a subscription you support our project and ensure the survival of this online classes. The project is ongoing and you can find all information on our official homepage.

Watch the demonstration video:

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