The gift of Taoism, Tai Chi and Qigong.

Review of Yuan Xiu Gangs School from Daisy

Daisy's sweet melodies


I aligned with Taoism and internal arts during an extremely emotional time in my life. I was left emotionally exhausted after my mum passed away a year ago. I felt so empty and fatigued and this really took its toll on my overall well being. I had my family and we were all supporting each other but my exhaustion got quite overwhelming. I really began asking for help both in prayer and during meditation. Soon after signs and messengers were beginning to pop up everywhere from people, books and visions. I began having dreams of being in a forest and doing what looked like a kind of ‘dancing meditation’. I had no idea what it was but I would wake up feeling energised and at peace.

One day I googled moving meditation which remarkably aligned me with Tai Chi and Qigong. I looked further into the history which took me…

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Written by Master Ziji (Michael Weichhardt)

Als Linienhalter der 16ten Generation von Wu Dang San Feng Pai, Michael Weichhardt lehrt als Meister Ziji die traditionellen Lehren seiner Familie in Wien.

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