Stillness and Wu Wei



Initially I thought that I would talk about how our ‘beginners’ understanding of stillness would be based on experiences prior to Tai Chi. With this in mind I decided that if I gave you an image of ‘a rabbit in the headlights’ or a child being shouted at to ‘sit still and stop fidgeting’ at the dinner table, you might say, “Yes this is stillness – in fact I often talk of keeping still or holding still”. Unfortunately this state of stillness stops the free flow of energy as discussed in previous articles. Now if you look closer at the images perhaps you will see the trembling muscles, the wide-eyed look of shock. This stillness is induced by the fight/flight/freeze response and is accompanied by large amounts of adrenalin being dumped into the blood stream. In short it stops Tai Chi working, therefore this is not what is meant…

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