Is it possible to learn online?

Learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and more about internal martial arts online!

That’s what our Online-School is about and everyone on the planet can take our classes! But does it make sense and can you really advance only with our teachings online? I will give honest statements about most of the questions that reached me so far:

Can i become a master with online tutorials?

Our explanations are very in-depth and you learn much more than you normally would with classic step-by-step tutorials! But you cannot see yourself, i recommend to meet a proper master in person to correct your stances and movements. Wudang Kung Fu is very demanding and you need proper basic training. Unlike other online tutorials we do explain them but practicing them everyday is up to you. Finding Wudang masters is very hard and if you happen to be in Austria you can visit me anytime. You can also check our list of proper Wudang masters.

How can your online school help me in my local school?

Every master has his own interpretation and perspective about things. The more you see and learn, the better your understanding becomes. Our online school has a very practical and easy approach to the internal martial arts for everyone to benefit.

Can you give me feedback to my training?

We have a feedback request form! I will give you a detailed review and where you might need improvement. This does not replace a local feedback since i cannot show it in person.

Is certification possible?

Not with only online classes. I need to meet you in person. If i see you can do the content you want certified it is possible. You might need several lessons for corrections and detailed explanations for your personal training. There is no guarantee for you to obtain a certification, everything is depending on the content you learned.


I do not recommend any online lessons if you never been into actual classes locally. However to get an impression it wont hurt to try out some easy steps with our online school. The full advantage comes if you already take classes in a local internal martial arts school! Your training can improve greatly if you already have some knowledge. Most so called “Wudang” schools don’t have much knowledge on the internal and you can find this missing parts in our online classes.

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  1. To learn Kung Fu Online it’s a good thing to make videos of yourself. It is not the eye of a master but it is better than nothing.


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