How to become immortal?

Before the 13th century immortality was often believed in Taoist society. Some still believe it and worship immortality like a religion. For the Sanfeng Taoists the immortality refers to longevity. In Chinese some would refer to: “How to become 100 years old?” The number “100” is often regarded as a really long time period. Taoists believe that with proper training the original state of a child can be held for a lifetime. Which results in feeling healthy and happy.

The concept of becoming 100 years old (immortality) in 5 Steps:

1.Knowing your limits

Before anything else one should discover himself. This should happen naturally at a younger age if possible. Discovering oneself physically and mentally will result in better understanding. Knowing your body and mind is important to be able to hear your “inner voice”. Sanfeng Taoists practice Kung Fu at a young age to understand the borders and to discover themselves. This is the first step to internal practice.

2.Building up

Before becoming middle aged it is important to store energy reserves. Maintaining a healthy body and mind with constant practice. Here one must understand the disturbance in his daily life in order to keep in balance. It is important to reduce stress and practice daily meditation exercises. Put your mind and body frequently at ease and one will never become sick again. Do not ignore your “inner voice” (your needs).

3.Never stray from the path

Nothing is forgiven. Once or twice maybe wont matter much but it will never be erased. What happens to oneself is permanent. One sickness, one sunburn everything is remembered. Take care in summer and winter, don’t put yourself at risk. Consequence is the most important feature when it comes to training. Don’t expect to harvest fruits from your work. Everything will come naturally.

4.Become younger

After mid-age one starts to become younger again. The fruit of constant practice and responsibility towards oneself will become clear. Internal practice has a higher importance now. Nei Gong, Tai Chi and Qi Gong will be your tools to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you started your Taoist life at an older age then you still have to complete the previous points mentioned above.

5.Return to the origin

At some point everyone must die. Taoists refer to “going back to the origin”. By keeping life as long and healthy as possible one will attain greater knowledge for everyone. Life should be a long adventure with all it has to offer. Live without regrets and share the wisdom with younger generations. Taoists that followed the path of “immortality” will not have regrets when they return to the origin. We all step on a train at a different time, how long you enjoy the ride is up to you.


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    A beautiful look at learning your limits both mentally and physically and remaining young.

    Longevity comes from balance and acceptance of who and what you are in all aspects of life.

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  2. Do many taoists still believe in immortality? It seems the idea is antiquated, but I don’t know much about the religious aspect of taoism.


  3. In traditional Daoism, it is believed that Dao can transmute itself into deities, while Man can Cultivate Dao ( 修道 Xiudao ) and Attain Dao ( 得道 Dedao ): hence, man can also become a deity. Deities which originated as people are called Immortals ( 仙 Xian ). All people can Cultivate Dao, and can therefore all potentially become Immortals. In this way, the Daoist pantheon is open and limitless. This idea is already present in Zhuangzi. The difference between a religious and a philosophical Daoism is a modern invention.


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