Fancy Movements vs Internal Arts

Especially in Wudang there are many schools trying to make their movements appealing to people without knowledge of the internal way of Wudang. They want to attract people from all over the world to come, pay and study. The problem is that the internal way is nothing that can be learned in less than 3 years and for short term students without prior knowledge such a course is out of question. The language barrier and the lack of time is mostly at fault why foreign students cannot be taught according to Wudang tradition.

There is a good read about the “inner movement” – related to this topic!

Effect vs Placebo

How could we see something which we don’t know how it looks like? How could we feel something without knowing what it feels like? Most believe in their training rather than understanding it. Placebo is known to have an effect too, but it is not what we try to achieve in our years of training. Understanding the principle of Tai Chi (Yin-Yang) helps to find the meaning of the things we try to achieve.

Understanding Tai Chi means to be in control of your Yin and Yang. Everything out of this system will break the control and focus of the internal mastery. The right control and posture means to optimize energy efficiency.

Things to watch out for:

  • Spine, head and hip should be in the Qigong posture (see here)
  • Relaxation is fine, but never let yourself fall into a movement! (related topic here)
  • The movements should never “flatter” around. Movement comes from stillness and moving is always in control of Yin and Yang. It is not explosive power either when the movement simply “flatters”. Fajin (the explosive power) is generated with the right breathing (see here). With some practice you can detect the empty “flattering” and the real power of Fajin (Tai Yi system) easily.

Most Wudang schools make a lot of trouble and mix martial arts together. Wudang tradition is only taught by few masters and it is not a matter of the master, but first a matter of your determination. Many lose discipline and interest during their internal training, which also decreases the motivation for the masters to teach foreigners.

For advanced and determined students i can highly recommend the school from Chen Shiyu Shifu.

If you cannot travel to Wudang there is also our Online Wudang School which helps to understand the internal teachings!



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