Tao, Te and the Crows

There is a field with many crows. They seem to belong together in a group, but the order of movements and when they take off to fly always looks very chaotic. Observing the order of nature always seem chaotic but it is the way of Tao. With a closer look one can see the grass move from a breeze on the spots where the crows take off to fly. In this way the grass and the crows are related. When we look closer we see that everything in nature is related or it would never have existed. Relation gives orientation to the way of Tao.

While the crows could fly anytime, it is a matter of strength when they start to fly. Patience gives the crows opportunity to fly more efficient with the wind. Adapting to the laws of nature comes from experience and wisdom, which means every crow must fly against the wind for once.

When the goal seems ahead the crow does not eagerly rushes towards it. With keeping the wings still for a second and gliding in the air, the crow can feel the flow of the wind. The best way to fly is not the fastest, it is also not the shortest, the best way is the one according to the laws of nature. Crows will circle around the tree to gain or lose height or slow down in speed before they land on one of the branches.

When the mind of the crow is clear the chaotic order of Te (way of nature) is in effect. When the mind of the crow is occupied with emotion, the crow will act different, it is the crow who decides that the effort is worth living.

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