The Free Mind and Body Responsibility

All things start somewhere but the exact way and time is  different. Ironically freedom always leads right back to where things started. In Taoist philosophy we are responsible for enjoying our life. Unlike Confucius (self centered) teachings – in the traditional (Laozi) Taoist philosophy we are bound to our nature and this is what we have to understand to follow the way of Tao.

Flexible mind needs a flexible body

In the world of the mind some things are not possible in the world of the body and also the other way around. Fixed perspectives, fixed opinions and rash judgement can make living very rigid and unbalanced. Taoists train their mind and bodies in concentration, flexibility and endurance to become as open minded and free as possible.

Happy and Unhappy

While Buddhists strive for happiness it is common knowledge in the Yin and Yang principle that every good also has its bad side. We have to understand both parts to fully live in a balanced state. It is not for everyone to shut off emotions or to become extremely minimalistic to achieve greater happiness.

Share and Inspire

When we are in a happy emotional state, it is a very precious moment which is important to share with others. Pure happiness is healthy for mind and body and can inspire the people who need it. But do not hold on it too much or people will get jealous or plan intrigues. Taoists never hold on the precious, let it come and go, then nobody can rob you from happiness. Letting happiness time to bloom is important like lotus in a pond will expand with every year.

Making the Best of the Bad

Often we are imprisoned by the order of things and we live with the bad situations like others expect of us. We forget that we can still decide how much things actually impact us. Let others choose their path while you choose your own. The Taoists live by the rules of nature and going with the order of nature always results for the living side (the happy side). When Taoists find themselves in a hard situation they simply change the perspective. As all things have Yin there always must be Yang somewhere. This does not mean by simply changing your point of view you can do all things your way. This path always involves tolerance, humbleness and devotion. Being free means to be happy with all things, accept all things and be open minded for all. True freedom is when nothin can imprison you.

You are Responsible

With reading and understanding this principles you are basically responsible for your happiness and becoming a part of the greater happiness of all things. Never hold on it and it will become naturally one with you. In the “eye of Tao” we are all children playing around. We feel old and mature when we become embossed by everyone’s expectations.

It is hard to look at yourself when it is about mistakes and wrong judgement, while it is very easy to look at others (Yin & Yang). This is one of the best examples on how something hard can become very easy by simply changing the perspective.


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    In a week full of stress and lots and lots of work (unfortunately, very necessary), taking a moment to read this article reminded me of just how important it is to stop. to slow down. to find my centre and get back in touch with myself, my body, the world around me. the beautiful summer days have begun to slip out of my hands as I stare at this screen and try to turn off the part of my brain that feels the aches and the pains of sitting in this chair. It’s all for a good reason, I tell myself. Well, of course. I am definitely motivated to keep a roof over my head. But can I do it without ignoring the signals my body sends me? Can I do it while still allowing myself a little time to connect with what is around me? I’m feeling more and more aches, having more and more trouble sleeping. I am falling out of balance. Time to slow down and breathe. 🙂

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