An Overview of Religions in China — Religions in China

Not really about martial arts but maybe some interesting information how things work in China. Wudang Martial Arts Schools in Wudangshan are no part of any religious association and are considered private institutes! It is also forbidden for foreigners to officially become priests in taoism!

Officially, China’s Constitution guarantees “freedom of religion,” but limits this freedom to only so-called “normal religious activities.”

The Chinese government officially recognized five select religions—Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism and Taoism.

Religious groups must register with the government in order to practice their religious beliefs legally in China, or run the risk of being harassed, detained, and even prosecuted for various charges.

The Chinese government’s regulatory agency for religious affairs is called the State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA 國家宗教局), together with the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department (UFWD), SARA regulates and controls the five officially recognized religions through government-backed religious associations.

For example, Buddhist Association of China (BAC 中國佛教協會) coordinates Buddhist affairs on behalf of the government; for Protestantism, it is the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches in China (TSPM 三自教會) and China Christian Council (Commonly called together as the “Two Associations” (基督教兩會); for Catholicism, it is the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA 天主教愛國會); for Islam, Islamic Association of China (IAC 中國伊斯蘭教協會); and finally for Taoism, Chinese Taoist Association (CTA 中國道教協會) .

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