Understanding True Taoist Tranquility

Tranquility describes the path to enlightenment, a worry-free state in which we can be one with the Tao and our nature.

Here some short definitions of tranquility and how to obtain it:

Buddhism: Tranquility in Buddhism is about attaining spiritual understanding of happiness and quietness. Who is quiet and does not need anything can truly be happy.

Confucianism: The understanding of oneself and to attain greater wisdom. Everything is defined by yourself and your toughs so changing yourself and adapting yourself to certain situations will result in tranquility. Every person can be taught and understood and can always change. Confucian thought focuses on the cultivation of virtue and maintenance of ethics. This philosophy is often confused with original Taoism philosophies but they are actually about Neoconfucianism which includes Taoist knowledge and binds them to Confucian ideals.

Taoism (Lao Zi):  Tranquility in original philosophical Taoism is the understanding of your natural environment, the natural order and the understanding of your origin. While the other definitions feel like a goal to reach, in Taoism tranquility is here and now. Like a child is growing which we all are in the eye of Tao. The way of life is all about being free from prejudices and egoism. The contradiction of the Yin and Yang teachings are the path to real Taoist tranquility. Examples:

  • Holding on something makes it harder to let go, the wise let everything come and go and so he is naturally one with the Tao.
  • The intelligent always strive for their own benefits regardless of the conflict with the environment, while the wise understands his actions through experience and can be one with the environment.

The principle in fact is when you want to attain something you always must understand the contradiction in it.

Not trying to understand but learning like a child through experience is the way of Taoism. The origin of all things – the Tao – is leading to the essence of Taoist wisdom and the understanding of all things. The return to the origin is defined in a natural order which is ruled by the nature of all things.

Understanding this makes worry-free and open to all things to be ready to learn.


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