Why Taoists Drink Tea?

Especially Pu-erh and Green tea are often enjoyed in Wudang. Is there a special reason? In this post i will explain why Taoists drink tea quite often:

Wudang Dao Cha

Wudang people are proud of their tea culture. Mostly they cultivate natural or fermented Green tea. The Wudang Mountain region is also said to have healing powers, it simply is a very famous place for herbs. Cultivated Green tea from Wudang is called “Dao Cha” (Taoist tea). Some of the best Dao Cha is coming from young small leaves harvested right after a rainy season. (See shop link to Dao Cha)

Clear the Mind

Tea can clear the mind and promote concentration. The taste is said to connect with the earth and nature. Tea helps Taoists to understand and enjoy the purity of nature.

Clear the Body

Tea helps to reduce grease in the stomach. Promotes blood flow and neutralizes bad aftertaste. It cleans the body and especially Pu-erh tea is said to reduce body weight.

Hot and Cold Season

Green tea is said to neutralize body heat, while Pu-erh is said to heat up. Therefore during summer season mostly Dao Cha is used, while in winter season Taoists drink Pu-erh tea to stay warm healthy.

Tea Art

The preparation of serving tea developed in China to an art to improve appeal and taste. Some use the preparation technique as concentration exercise. Most younger Wudang students must learn how to prepare and serve tea, this shows the good attitude and pure mind of the student.

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