Potential of Different Human Races Learning Martial Arts

First I want to make clear that there are no real races but human variations. I want to make the actual content easy for you to understand. This post is about my medical understanding and observation over the years. I will explain the more classic types of human variations, there are many mixtures and may not apply to everyone. The following content helps you to understand and learn the pros and cons of the genetic composition.

I do think all human variations excel in their original environment and I do not intend to make one look better than the other. Going into detail would probably break this post, for orientation I am writing a short and easy version:

Africans (Congoids and Capoids)

Africans are usually of slightly skinny and tall stature with less or not much body fat and thick dark skin. The muscles consist mostly of longer fibers and are optimized for endurance training. The oxygen management is very good and because of that Africans don’t need much breaks during training. Flexibility in the hip, tendons and muscles are very good since longer muscle fibers tend to be more relaxed. Africans excel in running on straight surfaces without much training. Naturally they don’t have much maximum power, the long muscle fibers are not good for lifting heavy things. For martial arts a focus on muscle training is recommend. Without training they can be much more flexible than Asians and Europeans. Due to their thick skin they can endure a lot more than others.

Europeans (Caucasians)

Everyone who is or came originally from middle and northern Europe. Characteristics are a tall stature with a little more body fat for colder climates. Bones are usually thicker and harder.

Northern Europeans usually can lift a lot of weight for a short moment. Muscle fibers tend to be shorter and are optimized for lifting more weight. Because of that the oxygen management can be a problem and they tend to need more breaks between training sessions. Posture is very rigid and hard, tendons and muscles are less flexible, hip is extremely rigid and most of the time instinctively not used in martial arts movements. Without training Europeans are not very flexible, living conditions might be the reason. For martial arts a strong focus in endurance and flexibility training is recommend. With the proper training they excel at running up mountains and hard punching.

Southern Europeans are a little different, usually a little smaller and flexible in the hip. They are much more relaxed physically and emotionally. Sometimes a little too relaxed and can affect training motivation. They excel in hot climates and usually have a little darker skin, less body fat, more endurance but less maximum muscle power. In all they are physically very balanced but should focus more on emotional and discipline training.

Asians (Mongoloids)

This refers to the population in Asia and native America. Research confirmed (DNA testing) that native Americans originate from Mongoloids over 8400 years ago. There can be many variations so I will explain the most typical:

Asians are usually slightly smaller than the others with a normal sized upper body and slightly shorter arms and legs. Asians have shown great adaptive skills, they feel comfortable in almost all climate areas from northern to tropical environment. The skin can be light brown or a little yellowish. Their muscles have a good balance between endurance and maximum power, however they really excel in very fast and explosive movements. Without training they are good in coordinating fast body movements and have a very good body balance. Most of them are not afraid of heights. The hip is very flexible, but this is mostly due to the living conditions. In the beginning techniques are executed sloppy, the processing of slow movements is not as good. Asians can greatly benefit from Tai Chi training or any other training that focuses on slow movements and strengthening the mind. For martial arts a training focused on clean techniques is recommend. Even with a lot of training Asians are usually not as powerful as less trained Europeans and not enduring as much as Africans.

Native Americans have a more reddish skin color and most of them have longer arms and legs. Physically they excel more in body balance and depth of field vision. They are famous for being not afraid of any heights. Otherwise there are only minor differences.

Conclusion about a balanced training

In the Wudang internal martial arts a well rounded body and mind is recommend. Instead of focusing all on our strong points we must focus a lot on our weaknesses. Some humans must train very hard to achieve the same results than others without much training. The genetic differences can vary greatly and so our overall performance. Understanding our strong points can give you the chance for a good exploit but focusing on our weaknesses will make us potentially much stronger. Remember that internal martial arts requires all abilities and if some of them are simply not developed enough it will hinder your potential growth.

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