Laughing Taoist

You likely know this story.

The Emperor sent his men to bring the Taoist sage, Chuang Tzu, back to the palace so he could serve and provide good counsel to the Emperor. Of course, Chuang Tzu declined the honor when the soldiers found him sitting in the dirt at the foot of a shade tree.

The soldiers demanded he explain his refusal and Chuang Tzu replied, “Do you recall the massive tortoise shell on the wall above the Emperor’s throne? That turtle was sitting in the mud when he was captured and taken to the palace to be sacrificed.

 “It was, of course, a great honor. But don’t you think that turtle would have preferred to be left alone in his pool of mud?”

“Of course,” replied the soldiers.

“Than leave me in my pool of mud,” Chuang Tzu replied.

I thought of this story yesterday as I worked with an…

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Written by Michael Weichhardt

Als Linienhalter der 16ten Generation von Wu Dang San Feng Pai, Michael Weichhardt lehrt als Meister Ziji die traditionellen Lehren seiner Familie in Wien.

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