When we lose against ourselves

Our lives can have many different meanings, some religions or philosophies may give you specific goals: Achieve happiness, understanding your purpose, achieve harmony.. and so on. Actually everything comes down to very similar achievements with slightly different perspectives or approaches.

The Path

While striving for a goal is important (it gives the feeling of purpose), the actual path in your life is much more important. You walk the path constantly, you live your life constantly, so what do you do all this time? I can give you one advice: Don’t lose to yourself or you may regret the paths you have taken.

Not Doing Not Losing

Not doing may prevent you from losing but in a natural environment where you interact with people this is almost not possible. Don’t be afraid of not appealing, don’t be afraid of losing. The more you hold onto something the more you regret losing it. The moment you force the nature you lose to yourself. Let’s explain this a little more easier: When you try to be someone or do something which does not correspond to your true values, your true actions then automatically go against yourself. By not forcing nature, try to keep the balance to your true values. Instead of racing towards a goal, try to start the race from the last place. Nobody will ever try to best you while you can learn and understand from what is in front of you. In the global conflict you can find new opportunities by not competing.

Learn to understand, not to question yourself

People are unable to do something when they constantly question their personality and abilities. Children and young people must learn what they can do and what not, but as people grow older the modern society makes them more and more dependent. When the inside cannot be changed than of course the outside is questioned. Simply let go of your ego, your “important” values if this is what imprisons you.

I had similar experience in my martial arts lessons, when students started dialogs with me during exercises. If you want to learn, want to change, want to grow, then simply let it go and do it. This is the natural process in this matter or else you will find yourself unable to trust, believe, tolerate and to understand values other than your owns.


In the Taoist life principle we do not try to be perfect humans, we try not to be worse :). Interacting with others is good and do not be afraid to show your true colors. Your heart may find response, like looking into a mirror you may reflect this to your inside. Let your life change like the four seasons, feel the up and downs and go your path. Nature is all about change and growing.

Regarding this topic i have several quotes inspired by Laozi:

The wise is traveling and adventuring the whole day without leaving his house.

Do not try to be intelligent but learn from true life experience.

Everyone has good sides, some only polarize more than others. Yin-Yang

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