Laughing Taoist

I know two women in their 50s who are addressing similar issues. One woman has an elderly mother in a nursing home suffering with Alzheimers and other medical issues. The woman goes to the home every weekend to bathe and care for her mother, and bring her diapers and other basic essentials even though the mother has long forgotten who she is or even her name.

The other woman I know is planning to move out of state in less than two years. She lives in a high cost of living area and does not have the financial means to purchase a house where she is. She wants to move before she gets too old to enjoy the things she has put off for much of her life. Her father is about to celebrate his 84th birthday, however, and he lives locally. If she moves, she leaves behind her elderly father…

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Written by Michael Weichhardt

Als Linienhalter der 16ten Generation von Wu Dang San Feng Pai, Michael Weichhardt lehrt als Meister Ziji die traditionellen Lehren seiner Familie in Wien.

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