Yin-Yang and the Way of Wudang Martial Arts

The traditional doctrines of Wudang Martial Arts are fundamentally different in its understanding. The genuine way of self awareness and being natural are only some of the few things that represent this ancient teachings.

All and Nothing

Being in a place where nothing changes does not apply to the rules of time. Everything and nothing can happen at once without you realizing when and why. Listening to your breathing, your heart and subconsciousness.  Knowing not may end up realizing all. It does not fit well into the limits of words.

Taoists hear the inner Tao and realize the ancient teachings. By accepting nature and its components. Good or bad in the human understanding is not important, nature is neither good nor bad. Nature is neutral since all is born from it and must end with it. Realizing the rules of nature is realizing your own way, the way of Tao.

The Taoists refer to this as “heavenly dictate”, something that we have to obey, or have to do. It is what our subconsciousness tells us to do, to do what we really want to do to achieve fulfillment. The way may not become clear at once but gradually develops with the understanding of Tao.

Yin and Yang

Giving your life purpose and direction means contemplating the extremes. Given enough time mixing Yin and Yang with Wuji (the void) will end up with the creation of all things.

When we achieve mastery we may realize that we are still at the beginning. The never ending journey is what keeps us developing as humans and martial artists. In time as the seasons change over the year, we enjoy the interaction of yin and yang, the hardships and good times come and go as do our emotions. We are not solely on our own, all is connected to where we come from, nature. When hards things happen you will know that good things will come as the ever changing cycle is the rule of interaction with us and the earth. Only heaven does not change, for humans to try to be “heavenly” interferes with our teachings. Happiness can only happen because there is sadness, Good can only happen because there is bad. None of this exists in a place where nothing changes. Taoists do not interfere with this cycle and do not hold on it, let it turn, change, come and go as it pleases.

Martial Arts

Practicing martial arts is a way to strengthen the roots and develop personality. When we have to defend ourselves against an attacker it is a moment for us Taoists to realize that our way failed in some things to end up in this situation. When the attacker tries to argument with his fists than there is no way for us to come to an understanding. To change the course of one’s action they must be willing to do it. Harming someone is however a bigger mistake and by neutralizing the Yin and Yang during the fight will cease the fighting. Hard must answer with soft, fast must answer with slow, Wudang martial arts is a way which ends up nullifying all movements and reaching the meaning first. That is what Taoists trained for all their lives to prevent to stray from the path of the “heavenly dictate”.

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  1. Very enlightening, very humbling! It has been said ….. “The truth when spoken speaks for itself” so true of this article and the Internal Wudang Martial Arts Blog!! Expertly written, researched and promulgated. I am enchanted with the many story line topics and the motivating fact finding information. Thank You so much for sharing …..please continue!


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