Traditional Wudang Kung Fu Training

In our Wudang Academy, we take Kung Fu very seriously, because it is the foundation for every inner martial art. Just like Taiji and Qigong, Kungfu is also an integral part of the training progress. To avoid risks and accidents, I would like to write this important guide for a traditional Wudang Kung Fu training:

Personal and mental limits

The body control in Wudang requires everything from the practitioner, including strength, relaxation, concentration and discipline. If you are constantly moving around the limits of these values, mistakes can happen quickly. Therefore everyone should take the next paragraph to heart:

Attention and perception

wudang-sanfeng-academy-photo-328x418Who can distract himself or lose concentration quickly gets into a dangerous situation. It is also important to get to know yourself, to feel and to perceive yourself in order to build trust in your own abilities. During complex exercises, an active diverting of oneself or others is not allowed and can sometimes put someone in danger. Every moment is as important as everyone else, so there is no second chance in the ability to concentrate. Kungfu is a path of work, discipline, continuity and self-development. If you do not take advantage of the odds, you should remember your way. Low discipline is evidence of poor attention and concentration in stressful situations. An ordered, disciplined and well-groomed appearance is desired in every training.

Delusions and failures

In the West, the traditional kungfu training is mostly a cultural shock. For every Chinese, it means hard work and personality training. It is not possible to learn Kungfu in a short time, nor is it possible to become invincible in a short time. Your own ego should be deposited before the start of the training and be ready with full commitment which the Kungfu training completely demands. Our academy respects everyone who is not ready for a traditional kungfu training. Such decisions must normally be well-considered and need mental preparation.

Traditional kungfu training

In the Kungfu tradition, the training has the following characteristics:

  • Little amount of exercises, many repetitionsupfile20113188552202
  • Intensive interval training
  • Exercises with power and resting pole (Yin Yang)
  • Relaxation and breathing during the exercises
  • Intensive concentration training

In our Wudang Academy Vienna, we learn traditional kungfu as it is usually not normal in the West. The Schnuppertraining is always free of charge and everyone is invited after consultation to visit.

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