The Inspiration of the Dao

In Daoism, the goal is always the return to the origin, since the cycle automatically closes over the natural order. Today, however, I would like to write about the inspiration that drives us forward and gives us the opportunity to explore new ways.

The emergence of ambition

71e5121e5a25f3c0bbc43e7ee0240dc3Inspiration is the purest form of something that is needed but has not yet been implemented. We find our way through inspiration, either through ourselves or through others. Inspiration is something we can find and understand ourselves. Everything that has already been implemented can, therefore, be inspiring. Out of nowhere are reflected impressions and we are inspired by them.

On the way to the trip

The way of the Dao is not the hardest way and not the easiest. Instead of measuring everything in trouble, we should orient ourselves to the will and perseverance, because that is how we realize our possibilities and can go on. Through inspiration, we go all day on an adventure without leaving our origin.

Inspiration is one of the most important things we can pass on to others. A window is only visible when it is dark and it is lighter behind the window than outside.

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