From the Self

During our lives we discover and learn things which are important for our direction in which we go. Like the blooming of a pot plant we realize our ground and our pot which doesn’t seem to become larger. But still we stretch far out from our pot and see things which go far beyond our own borders, while our roots remain unmoved.


Find the Self

Through our training we develop anchorings with our self and our ambitions. Our reasons and our desires give purpose for our effort. What we can truly achieve can not be seen in the directions we are looking. Mostly the root goes the opposite direction from the flower. The fascination of things is since the birth of taoism a basic principle for the life philosophy.

If one wants to find answers, it is important to accept yourself and to be able to watch yourself from the eyes of a spectator and reflect on yourself. Free from prejudice and emotional boundaries.

The Power from the Ego

One who gives a lot to the outside has on the outside less impact. It is the rarity which gives us value. A rare flower is given much more attention. That is why abandonment from selflessness is the lowest step and at the same time the first one to build without bringing everything to fall. While the others appear to be educated and intelligent, it is wiser to draw from experience and keep them to themselves. That is why abandonment from selflessness is the lowest step and at the same time the first one to build without which everything falls. Conflictlessness is what makes everything acceptable. If there is no antipole to nature, there is no resistance. You appear to be mediocre and always ready to learn from others.

Infinite Possibilities

We can take every form as long as we can accept it ourselves. There are different ways that are always free, we just have to be ready to change something. Out of nothing, our endless power arises, so emptiness is the source of our emotional consciousness. Free of all, we find our self without any preconceptions.

Regardless of whether Tai Chi or Kung Fu in every respect we take different forms to reflect our own. If we are conscious of our freedom, all possibilities are open to us.

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