The Inner Values of Yin and Yang

In the Taoist doctrine, yin and yang can be used as parameters for our self-revision and thus the origin can be discussed. From the perspective of these states, Yin creates a place of emergence for Yang and Yang a place for Yin. The natural order and thus is the principle of nature, thus binding itself to the teachings of heaven and to the principle of the universe. The earthly process, the interplay of yin and yang, is the reality.

The use of the opposite pole

In order to achieve things by themselves, the orientation, the goal must be clearly defined. The answer to this is, naturally, on the contrary, by the understanding of the origin. This kind of perception leads to reflection and thus to an important change in the self.

Understand the natural order

An often wrong idea from the West is a passive attitude towards the way of things. Who does not participate in its realization, also no deeper understanding of its existence. It is natural that internal questions must be answered, explored by trial and error. If the reflection agrees with one’s own reality, a deeper understanding can only be gained through the implementation. Taoists are experimenting all their life to understand themselves better. The effect of self on the environment gives us understanding of the natural order.

Trapped in one’s own reality

Self-development is a constantly changing process. Self-realization is reflected in a living reality. Without this interplay, the principle of yin and yang will remain, and no further creative power can be produced. To be trapped in one’s own reality is like a heavy burden on the emotional state. The lack of devotion to one’s own realization comes to the fore and the meaningfulness of existence is questioned. This also undermines the decision-making power and is often the beginning of radical changes. Whoever is in this state is not in a balanced state, as Taoists prefer, but in danger of bringing the natural order into an imbalance.

Free will and self

Since there is no perfect “neutral” state, the continuous deliberate weighing of yin and yang is ultimately leading to a balance of vital importance for life-defining questions. There are moments in which we are closer to the balance and important decisions and mental blockages in our “gut feeling” (subconscious) decide. Ultimately, the Dao counts, from which everything creatively arises and evolves, in order ultimately to find itself again as a true self and to deliberately unite with the origin.


  1. Thank you for a beautiful lesson about personal development within the Dao and Tai Chi practice. Giving credit to you for a concept that is hard to put into words, may I share this with my students? Happy New Year wishes full of peace and prosperity!


    1. As a wudang monk the first thing I noticed in the community of western students is that they all the time buy books that say the opposite of what daoism wants you to focus on. Modern teachers too often teach things based on westernization of Chinese medicine and the neidan proces, or they get stuck into CCCP discourse which transformed yinyangke into hegelian dialectics of opposites.
      Clasics describe dao as producing yin and yang qi as coagulating and radiating. Every dongxi (thing) has aspects of both because they are all mixtures and relativities. It is why daoism asks its members to develop scepticism, even to teachers. It is only in popular culture that you do not question your teacher or instructor, and thus it is very hard to develop past the level of who teaches you. Because of not knowing one does not know but not accepting the powerlessness of not knowing people psychologize often, as if daoism is a psychotherapy. But it is not. It is a slow grinding proces to make a stone pestle into a sowing needle by grinding it on a wetting stone. the way it works is much like how dirt becomes metal ore and metal ore becomes gold in the pressure earth puts onto itself. Most of daoist practice is invisible. As the saying is: Qi is perfection, and cannot be felt. If there is Qi there is dao. dao is not a force, it is an appropriatenness.


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