Body Center and Control

The Wudang Arts demand our skills in many areas, including: coordination, concentration, perception, strength and tranquility. In order to find the right interaction, the most important thing is a correct posture – physically and mentally.

This topic can be explained more easily using a scale:


The principle of the balance

The foundation of the movement is the Dantian. The more we focus on it, the bigger the stone becomes. A large stone is important for a stable and pronounced body awareness. The easier it is to place a bar on it and balance the weighting. The point at which we place this bar is right on our sternum. From there, we put shoulders, elbows, and anything that comes afterwards slowly on scale. Awareness of the compensation gives us the possibility of self-control of a balanced body, no matter what situation.


The correct connection to the “weight points” is a general alignment of a maximum of 45 degrees to avoid constrictions in the circulatory system as well as negative force levers. The connection of the chest and shoulder should of course be “round”. It is important not to push the chest forward so that the shoulders can easily roll forward. Each body-like connection benefits in the transmission of force from a round angle and can thus be transmitted better from the Dantian (the large stone) force.


In the natural order of our movements, it is better to relax and tension certain points. In order to be able to perceive the Dantian better, we intensify the connection in order to remain in full control and therefore also to remain at rest. When we breathe in, a slight unrest is automatically formed, which we can compensate for in the course of the movement. So, if we breathe in and lift a knee, we should be able to push the shoulders slightly down according the Yin-Yang system to control the Dantian. Coordinating the weighting at the outer points with tension and relaxation at the right moment, we can always move with a balanced and quiet weighbridge.

Movement and concentration theory

This is a taste for the traditional Wudang content in our academy. Man is full of unused resources, and like all abilities, self-mastery can be improved quickly and purposefully with the right master. Every intention, purpose, and beginning defines our own, our identification with yin and yang. Life with nature, a healthy awareness and the understanding of our self are the most important lessons we learn to improve our quality of life. Whether young or old, without movement, we remain standing, everyone can become aware of his power and learn to deal with it.

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