The Dragonball and Its Practical Application

chinese-dragonMost Chinese dragons hold a ball with one hand. In many Chinese pictures the immortal dragon plays with the ball, which radiates a sun-like or sometimes moon-like energy. In this sphere is the wisdom, the essence, which connects us all and makes us a dragon. The connection to the Dao is contained in this sphere and is a heavenly treasure.

The Ball

handA ball is in itself a perfect round shape which shows us the ideal force conversion in Taiji. The focus point in raising a ball is the smallest finger and thumb. If these two fingers are correctly positioned, the other fingers are automatically aligned “round”.

Some Taoists train with heavy iron balls and try to lift them with one hand. The bigger and heavier the ball is, the stronger the grip must be between the small finger and thumb.

The Application

In Taiji, the hand is relaxed, controlled and elastic. Each Taoist keeps the focus on the dragon ball for a proper hand posture. In doing so, the ball is not spasmodically fixed but relaxed to increase a “fingertip sensation” for the movement and technique. In this position, all channels are as open as possible for your own Qi and the fingertips are felt.

From Inside to Outside

A beginner’s mistake is to concentrate only on the hand. While doing the dragon ball the focus is in the Dantian for transferring into the inner palm, which is enhanced by the Dragonball hand posture. The hand should be flexible and elastic with the movement, which is done with intuition in the direction indicated by the fingertips. The dragon ball closes all round angles in our joints as a whole and allows external clarity through the inner movements of the Dantian.

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