The Immortal Way of Wudang Gong Fu

Wudang is merely a modern name for the immortal spirit of hard work. Once we embark the journey to self cultivation, we find ourselves in Wudang and this is why we ask many questions today. First, we must ask ourselves about what is pure. Purity must be the dedication to self commitment when looking into the mirror. Determined about ourselves, we look inside our own souls. We learn to respect ourselves, not to abuse our health and well-being. We find out that our will is absolute and so must be our determination of climbing the mountain.


While our energy is always present we know it is the source of everything. It can achieve all our missions and everything we strive for, but what for exactly? Spiritual enrichment in our path of awareness is worth more than anything in the world. The ones we love, the Dao we love is the open link from our world. What we find in our training is to love ourselves, so we are able to love others purely.


What is more fun and more engaging than a path to strive for? The path of immortality, not for others, but only for ourselves, we find it essential to our existence. In our improvement we grow personally and embrace what has troubled us once. We were put to unrest before, but now we find ourselves in harmony. It is because we learned to hear our consciousness, what we truly need to achieve was already decided by nature. The laws of heaven and nature know no time and so it is eternal.


We will never find perfection, instead we love our imperfections and the imperfections of others. But because of this every brush stroke is unique, giving us a whole new perspective of the painting. Reminding us of the pillars that pave our path to heaven. While men seek to become the dragon, women seek to become the phoenix. The symbol of resolution and renaissance. Both of them can build an everlasting future.


Wudang is the spirit of concentrated determination to shape the world for the better. We are never alone in our hearts and so we find the connection of the Dao; for we are Wudang and will carry it forever in our hearts.

Sincerely, your Master 资济

Source: The Immortal Way of Wudang Gong Fu

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