The Profound Meaning of Wudang Taiji

When I am thinking about Taiji I think about the countless failures that I have experienced down my path. I do not even think about achievement, but rather the next step that I have to take every time. As I walk onward, my path broadens, and the sunrays of my destiny come out to greet me. I look over the horizon as I climb my last mountain to prepare for what is waiting for me, just to climb the next. Each time at the top I see my next destination solely prepared for my commitment.


This challenging path is here to put my patience to the test, it is a simple way to adjust my consciousness to make things easier to recognize. It is funny that I did not perceive what is given to me. When I go on, I want to reach there, but as soon as it is reached, I want to continue my journey.

By treading my path, I have recognized my happiness and realized where I am. What can be better than living with Heaven and Earth together? I am the curiosity between the two worlds. I am my own world that has wandered blindly, only where my nose leads me.


My quest is to strengthen the solid foundation for my life which I inherited from Mother Earth. My soul is connected to the immortal fathers in Heaven, they are my origin. My physical body is the energy that holds my will and soul together. I am the embodiment of freedom under Heaven and Earth.

Through my will the gentleness and stiffness of my thoughts flow into my body. The movement is characterized from my being to be recognized by myself. The heights and depths of my thoughts form barren craters and glorious peaks. I enjoy the interaction to learn from myself.


When I think back, I am glad that I have seen the depths of myself. Thoughts can become reality when people live in the freedom of Heaven and earth. The whole day I have been on adventuring just to understand that I have nowhere to go, returning to my silence…

Sincerely, your Master 资济

Source: International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts

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