Wudang, Home of Taiji – CCTV Series

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 1 – Visible and the Invisible

In this first part you see many different people in the western culture and how they think about Daoism. The influence of Daoism in the western countries and in China is further explained and shown in various situations. Daoism is a life philosophy and the origin of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). We see the cultivation of many different herbs and how Daoists live with the natural order. Near the end the Chief Coach Zhong Yunlong is interviewed while practicing Taiji in front of the Wudang Entrance Gate.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 2 – Nationwide Harmony

Here the Daoist music and culture is introduced. Through the emperor the building of the Wudang temples was realized. The historical timeline and the background motives of the emperor are properly explained. The emperor was inspired to rule a country with the idealism of Laozi (Daodejing). This was the first rise for the Daoists in terms of political power. The building of the Wudang temples is explained and the opening of the “Office of the Sacred Music”. We see many traditional Daoists instruments and how this ancient art is preserved today.


Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 3 – A Place of Secrets

The part 3 introduces various traditional skills and rituals influenced by Daoist life philosophy. Secrets of ancient Daoist medicine are revealed and explained. Daoist Wang is introduced and interviewed about his search of a medicine that can cure all illness. The inner balance of the human body is very important in Daoist life philosophy and this leads us to the Daoist developed Baduanjin Qigong. Peace and harmony are the best remedies to lead a healthy and long life without problems and worries.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 4 – The union of Yin and Yang

In this episode we see how Daoist Lu is trying to spread Wudang Daoist culture by learning many languages. We learn more about Daoist vocabulary and the understanding of their culture. The realm of heaven is introduced. Since humans are connected with heaven and earth this knowledge is important to understand Daoist medicine. The natural world and the world of men is explained in detail. The Daoist practice of “Dragon Sleep” is introduced. Learning of the blessings from heaven and earth the world of human can be in harmony.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 5 – Follow the Order of Nature

In part 5 we see how Daoists prepare their meals in the Wudang Mountains. The seasonal influence of Daoist food is explained. Growing their own food is part of Daoist life, cultivating good vegetables while cultivating one’s self. The power of the change of seasons is of high importance in daily Daoist life. The cultural Daoist treasure “Immortal Jelly” is introduced. Daoists learn to enjoy nature and let the body spread freely to let its meridians flow freely like fish in the water. The culture of Daoist liquor processing is introduced and its healing essences. Living under the seasonal change to bring balance in the mind and body in order to keep illness and evil spirits away is the lifelong mission for the Daoists on the Wudang Mountains.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 6 – Mind,Void and Dao

The Chief Coach (our Grandmaster) Zhong Yunlong is introduced. He is the Headmaster of the Wudang Gong Fu academies. In this episode he explains the deeper connection between the Dao, self-cultivation and internal Taijiquan. We see how Zhong Yunlong selects his students and parts of their practice routine. His successors Xiangwen Chen (Chen Shiyu) and Yuan Xiugang are shown in some of the scenes. How to live with Wudang Gong Fu and its influence on the mind and emotion is further explained. Near the end, we see Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong practicing on the Golden Top – the highest point of the Wudang Mountains.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 7 – Astronomical Signs

In part 7 we see the Daoists scientific research on the stars to decode signs from the heaven. This heavily influenced the Daoist understanding of the ceremonies. Two young girls are introduced and the beginning of their Daoist training. How one can become a Daoist is further explained. We see many more Daoist rituals and learn about their beliefs. The tradition about what they wear, their haircuts and the connection to Daoism and the Gong Fu is shown in this wonderful episode.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 8 – Wandering at Leisure Between Heaven and Earth

This episode starts with lineage successor Chen Shixing practicing his sword skills at the “Golden Top” – the highest point of Wudangshan. The Wudang sword stands vitality, righteousness and truth. The Wudang Gong Fu clans are famous for their swordsmanship. We see the training routines from Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong where sword skills are evenly developed in a bamboo forest without touching a single bamboo. The emotional stability is a big focus point during sword training, one must never panic or hasten. Free from worry, not using brute force is the way of the Wudang sword.

Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 9 – Taiji of the World

The part 9 explains the common essence of Taiji around the world. Taiji brings harmony to the people. Taiji is about stillness and action, attack and defense. Wudang Taiji naturally spreads around the world by growing through inspiration and the achievement of inner balance. The spiritual journey of Taiji, through its mountains and rivers will never end.

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