How to make your reality?

Imagine there is a room only for you, you can decide what you put in it. Do you wish to place content in it that fulfills you with satisfaction? Does your room have a dusty corner that you don’t want to lay eyes on?
We can decide how much of a home our room is. If we leave spots in it which we do not want to clean, then we only have parts of the full room for our use. This gives us a restriction and unease when we reveal ourselves to others. First, we must look at ourselves!

Reality only for the individual

It is a matter of self-realization because otherwise, we let ourselves manipulated easily. A person without self-awareness of reality cannot see the border between his and others reality. The best indication of lacking self-realization is a critical change in this person’s surroundings. Maybe the weather changes and has an effect on the mood. But this doesn’t matter in your reality if one thing or one element in your surroundings decides to be in a bad mood it is on you to decide if you want to accept that. Maybe this element is not in a bad mood, but it is how you see it.

Master your reality

Many things impact our lives in a good and bad way. But this only matters for your reality. For the reality of others these things are trivial, so it is time to be aware of your past, accept it and choose it as a treasure for your life experience. There is absolutely no reason not to accept yourself, and you know the reason behind it best yourself. Because these things influence your subconsciousness and your future decisions, it does profoundly impact on your natural order. Embrace this, and you may find new opportunities in life.

Live in the present to make the most of your energy. The things here and now can change in a natural way with your wisdom. However, do not force your reality on others since your reality is not the almighty truth outside your room. Reside in tranquility and live under the law of Wuwei, the way of life between heaven and earth. Those who can master the control of their reality and coexist with the laws of heaven and earth will live in the ultimate truth, the Dao.


  1. Would there be any possibility of broadcasting your morning services,ceremonies,rituals so that we could participate with you or replay it during our morning hours and go through it on our own?


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