The Unbreakable and Flexible Spirit

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When thinking becomes an obsession, the idea breaks like a snowflake in the harsh reality. Impossible to fly with the wind and the will too heavy for the uplift. Like an angel who has been cast out of heaven and from now on is living under the grace of the earthly cosmos. The world is merciful and forgives all sins, the only thing we cannot forgive is ourselves. We are our judges, we make life difficult because we want to comply. Trapped in these earthly chains, we crush ourselves, and we teach this to our neighbor.

Let us give our neighbors a chance to express themselves, sometimes we may even have to help. Let’s present us, seek advice, make it better, exchange experiences to pass on this spiritual wealth. Together we grow beyond ourselves and pass this wisdom further. We have nothing to lose, everything we have experienced can only be shared.

Wudang-sword-chen-shiyu-2.jpg Master Chen Shiyu – 15th Gen. Sanfeng…

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