Tai Chi much more than martial art! My perception of Daoism and practice of Tai Chi

China Insight: Facts and Stories

Chinese martial arts are not just about fight. All of you have probably watched numerous movies of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Their numerous actions, fast moves, jumps and you saw their invincibility.  Some of you who are more interested maybe have heard  and watched about Shaolin Kung Fu  monks that fight and break bricks with their heads. But that is far from main point about martial arts of China whether it is Kung Fu or Tai Chi. They are not just sport or constant fighting. They are way of life, part of Chinese spirituality and view on world, they help you integrate your mind and body, strengthen your character and spirit.


This is story about Tai Chi, its origin, deep meaning and benefits. It is less famous across the world than Shaolin Kung Fu but not less important and famous in China. Maybe those who have been in China…

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