The Truth of Wudang Everyone Should Take to Heart

Hello Everyone!

I am leading my Wudang school in Vienna since 2015 now. What drives me the most is the will of Wudang which resides in my heart. Now you may ask what that is, today; I want to share with you information that took me years to achieve during the time of my study in the Wudang Mountains.

When people come looking for something there is always a hidden agenda. The feeling of change, the sense of things one have yet to learn is what drives us to the unknown. There is a time in life everyone has to undertake this mission to clear up the fog in his heart. Everything starts off with a cloudy soup and gradually begins to take a crystal clear shape when the heart becomes determined during this path only then one can find the truth of freedom. Setting off in a clear direction and finding the strength to continue this road is what drives real mastery.

Connecting this path physically and mentally creates freedom on all layers of my being. Then I realized that this is the will of Wudang which drives on in the hearts of people. Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu – combining it all, continuing to grow while preserving everything for a specific moment. Instead of sharing energy, we create, preserve and inspire others to develop. Having that said everything; I have high hopes for our lineage to further blossom in the next years to come. It all comes down to every individual and on everyone’s effort to preserve the way.

Continuing to keep on spreading the truth in the hearts of people. All else is cloudy, unpure and not fulfilling. Understanding the personal way through self-experience is a lifelong mission. Stop finding excuses for others to tell. In our busy environment, in the end, all that counts is the truth of life experience.

My demand on all of my students is to keep on being honest with themselves. Tradition and discipline are what keeps our family together that is the quality of our bond. Honesty is like a brick, which may appear simple first but this brick can turn to gold, and like its worth, one can develop true character. Finding out what is yet to reach instead of neglecting, keep on playing – finding ways for yourself. Only then we are our personal number one – the one that reaches the top of the chain of our inspiration. That is real fulfilling development and proof of spiritual enrichment. I expect nothing less from all of my students in my academy, as well as my online students. Not because you chose me as a master, but you decided for that way after you found out a piece of truth in this cloudy soup we all live in. My only request is that you see it through.

Sincerely Your Master Ziji


  1. Namaskar.
    I began doing ananda marga yoga in 1988.
    it is a form of tantra yoga.
    It is related to taoism.
    I would like to learn wudang taichi .
    I am now 48 yrs. Old. Am I too old to begin my wudang martial arts journey ?
    We do not have WUDANG teachers here.
    Guyana is poor and somewhat blighted country.
    Can I learn from your videos on utube.
    what about wu dang videos on utube .are they designed for home/self study ?


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