Traditional Drink for Strengthening the Immune System

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the storage of our energy. The reason when waking up and we feel vitalized is because of the kidney circulation and its connecting energy meridians. Sometimes due to stress, we may sleep and still feel sleepy when waking up, this indicates a weak kidney or weak circulation.

To be active during the day and have a proper circulation, we need yang energy. This is why people get addicted to coffee or other drinks with a similar effect. A very healthy and better but more expensive alternative is Ginseng, instead of giving a fast and short boost, the Ginseng helps to promote Yang energy for a long time over the day. This is also why mostly older men prefer Ginseng to achieve a better concentration during the day.

Coffee effects circulation often in a bad way, after the initial energy boost, is over and is also stressing the internal organs and leaves the body when overconsumed in a negative energy state.

To feel powerful, people need energy-building ingredients like Ginseng or Codonopsis.

It is Tradition in China to drink a tea from Codonopsis and Astragalus to prevent sickness. For the taste, and additional effects you can also add Goji!

Why Astragalus?


Astragalus is an essential ingredient in Chinese medicine to support lungs and spleen. Our power comes from breathing, so healthy lungs and proper circulation in the lungs are the foundation of Yang power. In a way, you could say that Astragalus helps the body to build more Yang energy.

Why Codonopsis?


Codonopsis is the Ginseng for the poor, or so it is said. The effects of Codonopsis is less aggressive than Ginseng and is therefore highly regarded for its daily consumption. It is much less expensive than Ginseng roots but has a similar impact on the Yang energy.

The Recipe:

1. Slice the Astragalus very thing and four slices in a cup

2. Do the same for Codonopsis, try to cut thin

3. Add some Goji berries (10-15 berries)

4. Fill the cup with hot water and wait 2 minutes.

Sources Shopping List:

Link: Astragalus

Link: Codonopsis

Link: Goji berries


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