Beneficial Sugar Treatment and Upcoming Summer Heat!

The Monk Fruit is a well-known ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. The fruit itself is 300 times sweeter than sugar and is a healthier alternative to Stevia.


The Monk Fruit or also Luo Han Guo (Longevity Fruit) is especially useful in reducing heat in the body. Not only does it balance out all sicknesses related to heat, but it also reduces inflammation and fever.

Monk Fruit


There are no reports of the Monk Fruit having side effects. According to European and American standards, the fruit is completely safe with no harmful side effects.

Area of Use

In Chinese medicine, the fruit is used for people with diabetes and other dysfunctions of the lungs and stomach. It may help against heart diseases and cough as well as throat inflammation. The Monk Fruit is also known to relieve digestive distress and cool heat stroke. It is a wise fruit for the elderly and therefore its name.

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