The Taoist Revolution Of Self-Awareness

First, let me tell you that you are a creator. Your thoughts are the laws of your Dao, your inner cosmos or whatever you want to call it.
Negative and Positive thoughts are equally important as they reflect on your situation. It is the purpose of your thoughts that may bring you further in life or not.

Before things get too complicated, let us focus on your reality. You usually have all the space you need, but if you accumulate a lot of negative energy, you may find yourself in complicated situations. But if you have a productive inspiration, you will find all the possibilities in that space. It is the strictness and straightness you must focus when being productive, otherwise you will find many people trying to take a piece of your positive energy. This coincidence is why Taoists practice discipline; we cannot make compromises with ourselves or with our situation, including others to achieve the heaven’s mandate, our inspiration.

So with your inspiration, you want the world to change to a better place? Unfortunately, that is not for you to decide. You can, however, show people how the energy is used and make them self-responsible for their actions. With this knowledge, people can learn to be productive on their own without relying on other peoples energy. That is why Taoists will show you the way by never teaching you anything. It is the teacher’s inspiration that has to be inspiring for the student, by being aware of this, the student will learn like a child by trial and error. By watching success and failure the best teacher can be inspired too, he has to be humble to be self-aware.

Now is the time to use this energy as our strength to create new inspiration. Let the chain continue and preserve the tradition. This result is what happens when people learn the essence of Taiji.

Let those who criticize you become inspired by your success. Every step forward will change the situation and result in the very nature of your personality.

We have many things in life, but mostly the self-explaining things are decided by our subconsciousness. Become aware of your subconsciousness and realize your life.

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