Master Zi Guang – The Wudang Way

Unfortunately, Dinos Santos left our world, we will always keep him in our heart. 

My plan for my journey:

dinos-santos-wudang-new-yorkMy name is Dinos Santos, and I live in New York. I recently came back from my long-term studies in Wudangshan.
What I wish to teach is peace and balance not fighting, and the long-term goal is to own my school that will have life in accommodation so for those who are unable to leave the country could have the opportunity to live the full-time experience of martial arts.
My Experience:  From 1991 to 1999 I trained with Shidoshi Jean-Pierre Siebel in the art of Taijutsu in New York City, the school was called NY Budo when it was open, my Shidoshi stop teaching so he could focus on his personal job.  Then from 2013 to 2016, I lived in China, Wudang Mountain.  I became a disciple of Shifu Chen Shiyu, and my given Gong-Fu name is Chen Yu Zi Guang.  My 3 years on the mountain was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot from my Shifu and fellow Gong-Fu brothers.  I primarily focus on teaching Tai Chi (Tai Ji) and Qi Gong.  If you train with long-term, I’m willing to teach the sword forms I know and other traditional Gong-Fu forms.

Visit my school in New York!

You can contact me on my Facebook page or join my group “The Wudang Way.”

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