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WUDANG SPAIN is a team of Internal Martial Arts, trained in China, representing in Spain two main schools of internal martial arts of Wudang. These academies are the Wudang Taoist Traditional Kungfu Academy directed by Master Yuan Xiu Gang, and the China Wudang Kungfu Academy directed by Master Chen Shi Xing; both representatives of the 15th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai lineage.

Official representatives of Wudang Spain, Alex Mieza and Pablo Salas, after long stays training in Wudang were officially recognized by the Masters before mentioned as Official Disciples (Alex Mieza ‘Zī Xiǎo’) and as a Certified Instructor (Pablo Salas) to represent the Internal Martial Arts Wudang in Europe.

Currently, members of Wudang Spain have their schools in different parts of European geography where they teach different disciplines of Wudang. The project of Wudang Spain is to unify and centralize the transmission of the Wudang Arts. To this end, they have launched the Professional Wudang Training Programs in different parts of Spanish territory.


Master Zī Xiǎo Curriculum

Most relevant Qualifications:

• 16th Generation Wudang Taoist Lineage
(武当 三丰 派 第十六 代 传人)

• Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist

• Black Belt 4th Duan (RFEKyDA)

• Black Belt 2nd Duan (International Chinese Kuoshu Federation) Taiwán

• National Referee’s Director (Spanish Chinese Kuoshu Association)

• National Referee (RFEKyDA)


• 1st and 2nd place World Championship
(International Chinese Kuoshu Federation)
Taiwan 2015

• 1st Place International Wushu Tournament
Barcelona 2013

• 2nd and 5th Place World Championship
(International Chinese Kuoshu Federation)
Taiwan 2011

• 1st Place Championship Spain
(Spanish Association Kuoshu)
Madrid 2011

• 1st Place Championship Spain
(Confederation Internal and Traditional Styles)
Madrid 2010

Articles published in national magazines:

ElBudoka (Mar. 2005)
Neo (Nov. 2005)
Savanah (Apr. 2008)
Bushido – N. 01 (July 2010)
ElBudoka – N. 11 (Sept. 2012)
ElBudoka – N. 14 (Mar. 2013)
ElBudoka – N. 17 (Sept. 2013)
Golden Dragon – N. 42 (Dec. 2013)
Golden Dragon – N. 49 (June 2014)
ElBudoka – N. 23 (Sept. 2014)
Golden Dragon – N. 51 (Sept. 2014)
ElBudoka – N. 24 (Nov. 2014)
ElBudoka – N. 29 (Sept. 2015)
Golden Dragon – N. 62 (Sept. 2015)

Master Hǎi Chéng Dé

(Pablo Salas)




Most relevant qualifications:


  • Certified Instructor of the Wudang Taiji System


(Wudang Sanfeng Pai)

China Wudang Kungfu Academy


  • Wushu and Taiji Quan Teacher

Confucius Institute

(University of Sheffield, England)


  • Senior Instructor in Tai Chi Chuan

(Tai Chi Union for Great Britain)


  • Assistant Coach in UCD Wushu Club

Universidad de Dublín (Irlanda)


  • Judging Comitee Member

(Tai Chi Union for Great Britain) 





  • 1st Place (Sword) and 2º Place (Empty Hand)

Tai Chi Traditional Competition

(London, UK)



  • 1º Place Internal Weapon (Sword)
  • 1º Place External Empty Hand (Xuan Wu Quan)
  • 1º Place External Weapon (Ba Xian Gun)

Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

(Oxford, United Kingdom)



  • 1º Place Traditional Taiji Quan (Internal)
  • 1º Place Traditional Kungfu  (Wushu)

II International Wushu Tournament of Catalunya





Trained in Wudang (China) under the following Masters:


Xu Wei Han (Xuan Wu Pai)

Chen Shixing (San Feng Pai)

Zhong Yun Long (San Feng Pai)

Yuan Xiu Gang (San Feng Pai)

Yuan Li Min (Xuan Wu Pai)

Ismet Himmet a.k.a You Li Han (Xuan Wu Pai)


Director of Wudang Tao Wushu School



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