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Master Ziji 资济 (Michael Weichhardt) lived for a long time in the Wudang Mountains and became the official lineage holder of the 16th generation from the Wudang Sanfeng Family. Master Ziji learned from masters in the Wudang temples and became a coach in Wudang later on. Today he is the only (lineage-) representative of Wudang Sanfeng in Austria and founded the first Wudang School in Vienna. Master Ziji has been studying internal martial arts since 1999.

Our Online School

meister-ziji-compressorThe Online Wudang School was established by Master Ziji to teach the Internal Wudang Martial Arts, as well as the traditions and culture of Wudang Sanfeng for everyone. The main concept consists of the interconnection between the Wudang Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu, which leads to longevity, greater knowledge about yourself and the internal martial arts. The disciplines will be published equally and ongoing, so everyone can choose the preferred area of interest and can freely develop in internal martial arts in the right direction. Internal martial arts should be personalized since everyone is different, this is what we are trying to achieve as much as possible with our Online Wudang School.

With our Online Wudang School you can learn the internal martial arts everywhere. We have HD Quality streams and publish new episodes frequently every two or three days for your daily training.

The online sessions are suited for beginners and advanced practitioners, you can learn here from scratch or use your prior knowledge to enhance yours with the internal understanding from the Wudang Taoists.

Quality Assurance

Master Ziji is approved in Wudangshan (China), every master of the 15th generation and from Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong (14th generation). The Online Wudang School directly represents the Wudang Sanfeng lineage and has the approval to spread the internal martial arts, culture, and traditions from the Sanfeng Family. Our Online Wudang School stands today for its unmistakable content quality in the internal martial arts.


That Will Change Your Life

The understanding of health and human well-being was revolutionized by the teachings of the Taoists. That is because everything is understood in a natural way. Even the most advanced medical science today is recommending the Taoist way for efficient health preservation. Every Chinese Healing Art is based on ancient Taoist teachings.

Our Training strengthens body and mind in a natural way

The Wudang Training is very efficient against:
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Backache
  • Fascia pain
  • The curvature of the spine
  • Neck, shoulder, hip pain and much more!
In our training, you learn to strengthen the internal:
  • Heart rhythm
  • Stabilizing blood pressure
  • The blood circulation of internal organs
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Personality
  • Spirit

The Online Wudang School does not replace medical care, if you are seriously ill please seek a doctor. When your doctor tells you that you should take Tai Chi or Qi Gong classes, then our training is the perfect solution. Even if you are already in another school, our Online Wudang Training can greatly support you since it does not interfere with other teachings.

Enhance your Understanding

The knowledge of living a healthy life is also raising your understanding of internal martial arts. Using your energy more effectively is resulting in managing your energy consumption better and saving more energy for yourself. If people use too much energy in their daily lives then they become sick. The Taoist lifestyle is keeping in mind that everyone is a different individual, and means the same solution might not work for all. Practice with our personalized training sessions and learn what you need right now.

Learning the Martial Arts

In our Online Wudang School you learn everything related to the internal martial arts.
  • Tai Chi: Controlling Qi and Awareness of your mind and body.
  • Qi Gong: Posture, power and breathing exercises. Become more flexible!
  • Kung Fu: Basic stances, endurance training, fighting applications and much more!
  • Nei Gong: Meditation, the understanding of Wuji – the void and emotional practice.
  • Liang Yi: Advanced teachings of Yin and Yang – part of Tai Chi.
Main Weapons of Wudang:
  • Sword: Dragon sword techniques and the Sanfeng Tai Chi Family Sword-style
  • Saber: Imperial Saber techniques, attacking and defending at the same time.
  • Staff: Immortal Staff Form, learn the traditions and culture of the eight immortals.
  • Spear: Taoist spear form, train yourself to become one with the spear.

The Internal Wudang Martial Arts were hidden for a long time in the Taoist Monasteries, take this opportunity and learn everything you need to know from Master Ziji personally in our online class.

Our subscription plan costs only few USD monthly and you will gain unlimited access to all our videos!

Every second or third day you will find new videos to enhance your daily training and give you the expertise in every area of the internal martial arts you need. The Online Wudang School is ongoing and we plan to upload hundreds of videos in the years to come. With your subscription you not only support our school, you also help others by making this online school happen and giving the world access to the Internal Wudang Martial Arts. If you like one specific video you can always download it by buying it individually.

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This is awesome! The Videos of Shifu Ziji allowed me to get a whole new perspective on the real practice of Internal Kung Fu and Tai Ji. His explanations are deep and easy to understand and the effects of the elegant and yet simple and natural Wudang postures and movements are real, many and positive. […]

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Reinhard R.

I have been teaching and practicing Qigong since 2007 and I have been looking for a school that can expand my practice and can teach more martial disciplines. I believe the Wudang school is a wise choice.

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Bob Ciampaglia

Hi, I live in Australia and I am interested in internal martial arts. Your Online-School is a big help! Thanks

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Gary Hardy

I love bagua and qigong ! thanks for your online school!

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Eugene aka Yevgeniy Aseykin

Thank you

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I would like to subscribe please.

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i will subscribe!

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Perfekt !!!

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Christian Z.

You get everything for only 8 bucks! Michael helped me to further understand my taiji lessons in boston.  Great how everything makes much more sense now!

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Matt T.
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