Xuan Gong Quan Part 1

Xuan Gong Quan is also known as Mystical Hand Form. The translation of “Xuan” is a little difficult. it means the effect of a window which seems dark from the outside but is actually illuminated from the inside. This is often lazily translated as “mystical”. In the actual Kung Fu practice the meaning is translated as something that is inside but cannot be seen from the outside. After further understanding the Xuan Gong Quan Form you will realize that the main focus is to transform energy from one movement to the other without using much muscular strength. Tai Chi and Kung Fu must be equally developed to grasp the essence of Xuan Gong Quan. The teachings of Xuan Gong Quan are divided in three separated forms which are an essential part in the basic understanding of Internal Wudang Martial Arts.

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Learning Xuan Gong Quan 1:

Xuan Gong Quan 2:

Xuan Gong Quan 3:

Xuan Gong Quan 4:

Xuan Gong Quan 5:

Xuan Gong Quan 6:

Xuan Gong Quan 7:

Xuan Gong Quan 8:

Xuan Gong Quan 9:

Xuan Gong Quan 10:

Xuan Gong Quan 11:

Xuan Gong Quan 12:

Xuan Gong Quan 13:

Xuan Gong Quan 14:

Xuan Gong Quan 15:

Xuan Gong Quan 16:

Xuan Gong Quan 17:

Xuan Gong Quan 18:

Xuan Gong Quan 19:

Xuan Gong Quan 20:

Xuan Gong Quan 21:


  1. Hello, do we have all the complete learning content like kung fu tai chi chiqong when we subscribe?
    Ans can we unsubscribe when we want?
    Thank you


  2. Hello Master Ziji, I was wondering if you demonstrate the martial applications of the movements in the forms in your videos. Specifically for long hua quan and xuan wu quan.


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