Master Ziji – Wudang Kung Fu Vienna

Association for internal Taoist martial arts

The professional school for:

  • Tai Chi – all aspects of Tai Chi for the promotion of health and for use as a martial art.
  • Qi Gong – to strengthen back muscles, fascia training, and energy.
  • Kung Fu – traditional Wudang martial art for health and body control.
  • Liang Yi – advanced training for the understanding of yin and Yang, also known as Tai Yi.
  • Nei Gong – the principles of Wuji – emptiness, are important for the training of mind and body.

The training of these departments is the goal and task of our Club Wudang Kung Fu Vienna. The above disciplines are branched into each other and together form the best possible understanding for the“internal martial arts” and thus also of health for mind and body.

For the first time in Austria

meister-ziji-compressorThe “internal martial arts” in Wudang Kung Fu is taught as a whole system in Vienna. The Wudang style is the oldest known style from China and laid the foundations for countless variations for different styles and schools. Competitions or demonstrations are in the Wudang style not in the foreground, but the preoccupation with the self, the body control, and for improving health.
Unfortunately, is the quality of schools in Europe not sufficiently tested, and most of them are significant umbrella associations that each slide to certificates. This leads to shallow standards in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other disciplines of “internal martial arts.”
Wudang Kung Fu Vienna is the first approved Wudang school in Austria from the Sanfeng family in the Wudang mountains. It represents the teachings of Zhang Sanfeng – the founder of “internal martial arts” in Vienna.

About Master Ziji

meister-ziji-compressor1Master Ziji 资济 (Michael Weichhardt) is a legitimate lineage holder of the 16th generation of Wudang Sanfengpai.

Intrigued by Kung Fu since his childhood, Michael Weichhardt, as a favorite student of the master learned from Yuan Xiu gang and Master Chen Shiyu at the Wudang Sanfeng Taoist Academy, the Taoist internal martial arts principles of Wudang Sanfeng. He was a Taoist named魏懋资济(pinyin: WeiMaoZiJi). During his training, he lived for a long time in the Wudang mountains and rarely came back to his native Vienna.

During this time, he internalized the different styles of the Wudang school, including Taiji, Liangyi, Baxian, Bagua, Baji, Fuhu, Longhua, Xuanwu, and Xuangong.

On 3 may 2015 Michael Weichhardt again returned to Vienna, to be in his homeland the Wudang martial arts and Taoist culture to convey the traditions of Sanfengpai.

More Information: The Wudang master in Vienna

Our School

Michael Weichhardt attained the name “Master Ziji (资济)” in the course of his training. He also served as a trainer in the “Wudang Taoist school for internal martial arts” in Wudang (China) by Master Chen Shiyu and trained as a Taoist student. Master Ziji was appointed last year by a tough traditional training.

Find much more information on our official website:


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  1. Dear Master Ziji,

    I have registered myself for the wudang academy for the monthly fees and following your instructions to the tai chi 13 form. However I just noticed that the tutorial videos for this training (taiji 13 steps for beginner, part 1 to 6) are no longer available.
    Is that something which can be uploaded again as I would like to continue with that wonderful training?
    Thanks so much and best regards from Munich.


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