Wudang Sanfeng School Register

Welcome to our Sanfeng school register! We only permit official Wudang Sanfeng schools with the permission to teach from an older Wudang Sanfeng master. If you know a school listed in this directory please share your experience by writing a review in the comment section.

This is a non-commercial listing and is totally free of charge! By submitting your school you can make your website visible for the Wudang community. We simply want to engage more people to Wudang by showing the locations from official Wudang Sanfeng schools.


  • The school must be a part of the Sanfeng family.
  • Every representative of the Sanfeng family has a Taoist name to clarify his lineage.

Go to the submission form to list your school!


School Directory


Wudang Mountains




North America

New York

South America



Submit your school

Please fill out the form and provide the following resources:

  • Picture of your school which should represent your page. (min. 1000px width)
  • Optional a copy or picture of your Wudang certificate/s.
  • Send the media files to our E-mail!

With the submission of your school details you agree to be listed in our directory. Your submission will be reviewed within 48 hours.
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